What's Pulse?

Mozilla currently has a ton of different systems that are interconnected via polling, screen scraping, email, and other brittle methods. To make their lives easier community members often build tools on top of this house of cards, adding yet another level of scraping and polling. Many systems don't even export important data for others to scrape and use, preventing better tools from being written.

Mozilla Pulse is a message broker / event system system. The goal is to eliminate polling and add visibility into all aspects of Mozilla and its systems. This allows more robust, dynamic, and informative tools.

Pulse isn't any one thing. At its heart, it is a RabbitMQ system with a particular configuration and a set of conventions for using it. Pulse follows the pub-sub pattern, in which publishers send messages to topic exchanges, and consumers create queues bound to these exchanges in order to subscribe to the publishers' messages. The mozillapulse Python package provides classes for existing publishers, consumers, and messages so you can quickly build Pulse applications.

For more information on Pulse, please visit the Wiki.

Technology used

What is this website made for?

Use this website to sign-up for a Pulse consumer account, monitor your open queues or get information about the Pulse system.